About Me

Hi, this is David, an overthinking ambivert.

As an ambivert, I show two sides of me according to different life situations, sometimes extroverted, sometimes introverted.

This multifaceted-trait is also reflected through my ways of content creation. As you can tell, this is a bilingual website. You’ll find me thinking critically, reflecting logically, and being rational by reading the English content. If you switch the language to Chinese (and if you can read Chinese), you’ll see me sharing stories about my overseas experiences that are more intimate and emotional.

The main themes for the English content would be business, lifestyle, and personal growth.

Specifically focusing on business, because I’ve seen too many people coaching on how to build a business, only to build their own business by teaching it.

I’d like to go to a different path - by taking my own brand as a case study, and share all the lessons along the way starting from the very beginning. This is why currently I’m building a Chinese content business, ExitTaiwan, from scratch. I invite you to join the journey by staying updated.

Contact Me

For personal comments and questions, please send me an email to hidavid@xdavidchen.com.

For business inquiries, send to biz@xdavidchen.com.