Seth Godin once wrote, “If you don’t know you have it… then you don’t.”1

This tells us the importance of looking back and seeing what we possessed, achieved, and lost.

For me, 2022 was a year of chaos and frustration, but filled with happiness and sense of achievement at the same time.

Before the Chinese New Year, I would like to take some time to reflect and share my 2022. You might get some inspirations (or questions) as well. Let’s get started.


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I spent almost half of 2022 abroad for business trips. They consisted of thrill and frustration, but were worth it for my life journey. So I guess… they are the highlights in my professional life?

1st business trip in my life

When 2022 had just started, I landed in Las Vegas to attend the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

That was certainly not the most pleasant trip as I would be brought to Secondary Inspection at the customs in San Francisco, be insulted by an airport security when my baggage was going through the X ray machine, run into problems when checking in at the hotel lobby, and got countless “NOs” at the exhibition.

On the bright side, I bought and picked up my new laptop in Vegas, had a great time meeting up with my colleagues, made some new friends at the expo, and treated myself several meals.

2nd business trip

Who would know the 2nd one would come so soon after the 1st one?

I attended London Tech Week in… London (duh) and VivaTech in Paris.

Although I’ve had experience at CES, these two shows weren’t any less stressful. But I’m glad that I had the opportunity to travel with my colleague and build a solid friendship because of this experience.


statue of liberty

Speaking of personal projects, it’s been a fruitful year. I built 3 websites and began my content creation journey again. The best things are yet to come!

Personal blog goes live

This website you’re reading, I spent over a year to build. Countless sleepless nights, much learning, researching, and frustration, even more endeavor, all were all necessary for this to happen.

I also want to thank Wiwi for mentioning this blog theme, and Jimmy for being the creator of this blog theme (update in 2023 April, I changed my theme to charloladmode). Without them, I’d still be stuck with Wordpress and never publish content with its slow content management system.

I’m also glad that there are almost 50 of you who are willing to connect with me by signing up for email newsletters. I know I haven’t been the most active. I promise you’ll get a lot more from me this year. Thank you for the support guys.

Portfolio website goes live

To keep the momentum of building websites, I figured I should do more projects, for the sake of both learning the technology and providing you with an image-based website.

I found another theme by Eternity and customized it a little bit. Now the portfolio website is where I upload photos that I’m proud of taking and editing, and my future graphic design work.

Overseas experience website goes live

Approaching the end of the year, I was getting less productive with writing because of several problems I spotted on this blog. Hence, I re-branded this blog to make it a second version.

And I found another blog theme for the existing Chinese content that’s related to my overseas experience and stories. It’s the third website I’ve made within the year. The migration went without too many technical problems. And the website (updated in 2023 December, I’ve re-branded it to ExitTaiwan) is now the place I put the most time and effort in. I’m really proud of the final look of it.


You can’t reflect on a year without thinking about what made you happy. Agreed?

3 months in the U.S

Going on a business trip for a week just to go back to Taiwan and be quarantined for 3 weeks didn’t make sense to me.

I figured my way out by staying out of Taiwan as long as possible before the government loosen the restrictions. I’m grateful for my college friends who were willing to provide their spaces for me to stay.

I had great times living a simple life in Easton, and wandering around in NYC for several times. The 3-month experience is unreal even now when I recall.

3 months in Europe

Right after the States, I flew to Germany to stay at my senior high school best friend. Although most of the time we were grinding hard on school and work, those 3 months were full of laughters and quality moments.

Besides my “routinely” life in Germany, I was also able to travel to several countries (including the 2nd business trip). I’m pretty sure I’m in love with life in Europe.

Family trip to southern Taiwan

When I finally got back to Taiwan in the summer, my parents and I went on a 1-week trip to southern Taiwan.

That was my first time traveling as the driver the whole time. Although I had to be working remotely at the same time, we still got ourselves some great meals and went for a hike. That was fun!

Master’s applications got accepted

Since I didn’t get a degree from my first study abroad experience, I’ve dreamt of doing it again, somewhere outside of Germany (lol).

In 2022, I applied for an Erasmus Joint Master Degree hosted by University of Glasgow. I did get the acceptance letter but did not receive the scholarship as I expected and turned it down. Still, I want to thank professors from Fu Jen who’ve helped me along the way.

Then I applied for another school, University of Vienna to study in the school of social science. The amount of research and planning was overwhelming. Finally, I got the acceptance letter and I’m now in the stage of planning my next study abroad experience!

(Almost) bye-bye social media

There are a lot of problems with social media. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it.

After quitting Instagram a few times, I made up my mind and deactivated my accounts. No more social media app on my phone.

Now I show up in Facebook groups once in awhile to let people know the existence of this blog. I don’t like doing this and I don’t think this kind of “social media marketing” will last long for me. I’m also on LinkedIn, for the sake of my full-time job. And that’s it.

This blog is where we build an actual, deep, genuine connection. Don’t forget to follow if you haven’t already.

A place just for myself

The last thing I’d like to mention is my rental place. I signed a one year contract after coming back to Taiwan. I renovated the room a bit by repainting 4 walls and getting some furniture.

For the whole year this would be a shelter from the outside world and a place just for myself to clear my thoughts about life of the past 2 years or so.


view from library at lafayette college

I aspire to be someone who is adroit, skillful, and helpful.

Website building

I put time and efforts into learning Hugo, which is a technology that helps people build fast websites that are flexible for customization at the same time.

I’ve built several websites with Hugo, including the one you’re reading now, the one for my overseas stories, and another one exclusively for showcasing photos and images.

Photo editing

I’ve made some photo edits. I started with the most recent photos when I was in New York so it would excite me the most. I’m picking up skills gradually and I know there are a lot more to learn. But I’m satisfied with my workflow editing in Affinity Photo.

Systematic thinking

At the start of 2022, one of my new year resolutions was to understand how Zettelkasten, a note-taking method works. Despite the fact that I haven’t taken enough notes to become a master of Zettelkasten, I think it has helped me develop my thinking throughout the year.

Not only Zettelkasten, building websites also let me know how far I should go during planning. My working experience as a digital marketer collaborating with the team has also contributed to this too — me thinking systematically.

Be inspired 📩

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    What’s new in 2023?

    a couple standing inside the immigration office in new york

    Without new hopes, there won’t be actions. So I’d like to share my goals in 2023 and encourage you to share yours with me if you want.

    Mine are in 2 major categories: writing and learning.


    Content Goal
    Doesn’t matter if websites were still in the making was a legit excuse or not, I didn’t put enough effort into writing.

    Last year, I published 31 English articles and 8 Chinese articles on the blog. I’m aiming for updating weekly this year. Fingers crossed!

    Like I said, I haven’t familiarized myself with Zettelkasten note-taking method. I’m keen on taking more notes and recording the process. My goal is to share with you how it works in practice, and let you know how it can help you in real life.

    The Purity of Sharing
    I had several negative experience when sharing my thoughts online. But looking back, I forgot to look at the bright side, the positiveness I’ve brought to other like-minded audience.

    2022 has been a year for me to prepare myself, both practically and mentally. And I’m glad to announce, I’m back! I hope in 2023 I’ll be able to find back the purity of sharing.


    Graphic Design
    I’ve been using Figma for a long time for startup’s marketing materials. I’ve never had the chance to have any personal project and build my portfolio though.

    If I can make myself more time in 2023, I’m hoping to get some hands on experience just to have fun and see where that takes me to.

    Photo editing
    As I mentioned earlier, I feel confident using Affinity Photo for editing now. Great!

    Now I have another problem, which is organizing photos and finding them for me to use in articles.

    I started learning to use a new software — Darktable recently. Using Darktable will improve my workflow and save myself much time and energy.

    I’m preparing to study a master’s degree in Austria. The program is taught in English, but for me to live there happily and long-term, I know it is essential for me to learn German and use the language as fluently as possible. My goal is to reach B1 in the CEFR framework. Wish me luck!

    And that’s it!

    me at The Met in New York

    Most of the time, I remind myself the beginning is the hardest. I would now tell myself reflecting is the most important.

    I encourage you take some time to recall what you’ve achieved last year, and give yourself some hopes for the new year. Share your new year resolutions, with your friends, your family, or me.

    Someone needs to hold you accountable. You guys are my someone.

    Cheers to a new year and thank you for being here!

    Be inspired 📩

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      1. If you don’t know you have it… from Seth’s Blog ↩︎